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At the foot of the Tuscolani hills, in a beautiful setting , in the heart of the most prestigious Frascati D.O.C winegrape region, is the Cantina Cerquetta ably and efficiently operated by the Ciuffa family for generations.

Here in a fabulous, antique farmhouse, dating from the 700, Vincenzo Ciuffa continues his family 200 years old tradition, passed down from his own forefathers, who were own producers and owners of vast tracts of land planted with grapevines. 

It’s impossible to celebrate Frascati through simple words

This is a land of rich and flourishing vineyards, where making wine is the result of wise hands and ancient traditions, which have handed down on from fathers to sons for a thousand of generations and more, where the border between the tradition and the culture of the wine is practically invisible.

On the basis of that the Ciuffa family, with the utmost respect for the places where they live and work, has wanted to impress on their own products that fair personalization needed to enlarge the by now wide oenological survey.

Every choice has been addressed to the production of prestigious and important wines expressing the elegance and strength of the so beloved and honoured lands of Frascati

Therefore the need of a meticulous choice of the grapes, a modern and updated  facility both for the vinification and bottling,  different processes for different grapes and last but not least, insisting that the grapes be gathered by hand in the cool dawn hours, to avoid they can heat up in the sun.
In this way they are pressed at night temperature and the juice is more aromatic and flavoured.


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