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Production Chain


The Cantina Cerquetta reaches the heights through the quantity of grapes harvested and made into wine from the Frascati territory, but most important is the quality of the wine produced. This is due thanks to the attentive and meticulous care with which the Ciuffa family and their team of wine specialists follow all phases from harvesting the grapes till bottling the wine. The fine quality, which has made Cantina Cerquetta label known and demanded worldwide, is the result of a wide ranging policy with various objects: careful and minute care in choosing the grapes, the use of the latest technology for both production and bottling, different processes for different grapes and last but not least, insisting that the grapes be gathered by hand in the cool dawn hours, to avoid they can heat up in the sun. In this way, they are passed at a night time temperature and the juice is more aromatic and flavoured.
The grapes are gathered from traditional vineyards in the surrounding area and taken to the company center. Here, before pressing, they are checked for quality by highly qualified personnel, then they are selected and discharged into a special conveyor. After long, slow fermentation at controlled temperature, the grapes are transformed into wine. This last phase is carried out at low temperature, constantly controlled and maintained.. After the wine is fermented and powered, it's ready for bottling.
From the selected peels of D.O.C. grapes the "Grappa d FRASCATI" is distilled, completing the prestigious range of the Cantina Cerquetta products.

Bottling Phase:

All transformation processes, from wine production to bottling , are followed scrupulously by the company oenologists and carried out following quality control criteria established by HACCP and BRC FOOD.
In the town of Monte Compatri, less than two miles from the wine production centre, the Cantina Cerquetta bottles its prime product. The modern , well-equipped facility is supplied with the sophisticated bottling system with the capacity of 6.000 bottles per hour. Here, the wine is bottled cold, using microfiltration in a sterile environment. The central parte of he bottling process is the triblock enclosed in a sterile lamina flux cowl, in which then new bottle is rinsed out, sterilized, filled and corked. When this delicate phase is completed, the corked bottle comes out of the sterile chamber and just sent to various machines for labelling: the capper, the labelling machine, the boxing machine.

Quality System:

The produced and bottled wine is systematically and rigidly controlled in the company laboratory by qualified oenologists. The assured quality is guaranteed before the product is put on the market. All transformation processes, from wine production to bottling, are followed scrupulously by the company oenologists and carried out following quality control criteria established by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and BRC FOOD The constant and fine quality, characteristic of the great production volumes too, which has made Cantina Cerquetta well known and sought worldwide, is the result of an ideal union between tradition and modern technical solutions.


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